ADT-ATO (Brussels Planning Agency - BPA) is a centre of expertise and the initiator of Brussels’ regional development strategy.

It is responsible for statistics, socio-economic information and strategic and regulatory planning in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Combining these specialisations brings coherence to the process of steering urban projects through to a successful conclusion.

A collaboration agreement was signed in December 2013 by the four project owners (the Region, the Municipality of Schaerbeek, RTBF and VRT) and is the ‘Delegated project owner’, and as such is in charge of coordinating the implementation of the urban project, on behalf and under the control of the Steering Committee of the four project owners. This role involves preparing and organising Steering Committee meetings, coordinating working groups, managing procurement and the planning and technical, legal and financial instruments of the urban project, coordinating the work of consultancies, mobilising stakeholders and potential partners, and so on.