From urban motorway to urban boulevard


The Parkway–E40 project has several objectives:

  • to improve the image of the eastern access route into the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • to integrate the E40 motorway more effectively into the city, turning it into an urban boulevard by reducing the number of traffic lanes.
  • to reinforce pedestrian and cycle links between areas on either side of the redeveloped boulevard.
  • to create a new public space alongside the future urban boulevard suitable for many new uses (leisure activities, sport, events, alternative mobility, etc.).
  • to reduce the impact of the motorway/road on the areas through which it passes.
  • to increase functional diversity within these areas by changing the designated use of certain plots currently intended for offices to housing and public facilities.

These objectives already appeared in the 2010 Master Plan for the Reyers area. More details here.

Since then, the context in this part of Brussels has undergone significant changes: the decisions of RTBF and VRT concerning their new headquarters; the launch of the project; the modification of the Regional Land Use Plan (the creation of business parks in an urban setting or ZEMUs in the demographic Regional Land Use Plan); the decisions taken by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region in 2013 to redevelop Place Meiser and in 2014 to demolish the Reyers viaduct. Parkway-E40, designed by the a multi-disciplinary team, will therefore offer an updated overall vision of transport across the entire area, serving as a common framework for the Mediapark Parkway and Meiser-Reyers projects.