A modular and adaptable “tool”

Frame will offer state-of-the-art facilities and various shared spaces.

Up-to-date building plans can be downloaded from the SAU's website.

Designed as a preview on the scale of a single building of the diverse ecosystem of mediapark.brussels, Frame will be a modular and adaptable “tool”. In keeping up with the times, it will offer various facilities and shared spaces to a range of different occupants. Its ambition is no less than to become a new Brussels epicentre of creativity in the media, audiovisual and communication sectors.

In addition to the media ecosystem and the three main occupants, Frame's design has also taken a number of other factors into account: recent developments in the organisation of workspaces, especially shared workspaces; the sociology of media, audiovisual and communication workers and the project mode of operation that they often use; the ongoing shifts in this sector, linked to both technological advances and changes in the way content is consumed; and the desire of the academic world to follow these trends as closely as possible.

Frame will therefore feature modular and adaptable layouts and shared facilities, creating favourable conditions for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in collaborative mode.