The future public spaces of a link between the various projects being developed there

In 2022, the landscape design team led by Studio Paola Vigano won the competitive procedure initiated by Beliris.

Its vision is of a harmonious dialogue between tranquil natural spaces and more lively areas with a metropolitan character. 

To the west, where the existing buildings of the VRT and the RTBF currently stand, a comb-like structure of cascading terraces – echoing the existing mounds – will function like ‘water machines’. These terraces will ensure an integrated approach to rainwater management, as well as offering stunning views from elevated vantage points.

The advisory committee, which consisted of the public bodies responsible for urban development in Brussels and an external panel member, particularly appreciated the way that the team’s vision highlights the built and patterned landscape created by the mounds of the former Tir National (National Shooting Range).

The design team is now working on a preliminary plan.

The relevant public authorities want the design team to use a participatory approach involving local residents and future users of for the development of the public spaces.